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2021 Range Rover Velar vs. 2021 Audi Q8: Better Styling and Top Value in the Velar

Once in a generation, a vehicle emerges that sets a trend in style and more. The Range Rover Velar does just that with an avant garde approach. Complete with a floating roof design and Land Rover DNA sprinkled throughout, the Velar is instantly recognizable because there is nothing else like it. The Velar is also much more, with luxury and comfort inside and three powertrains to move it all along the way you want.

Other luxury SUV brands offer competition in the segment, but the Velar stands out. Here, we compare the Velar to the 2021 Audi Q8.

The 2021 Range Rover Velar is more accessible

With all its capabilities and amenities, the Velar is a great value. However, it extends every dollar you invest in a better way than the Q8.

Let's start with the base models. The Velar S features an introductory MSRP of $63,500, which is nearly $20,000 less than the starting MSRP of the base Audi Q8 Progressiv model. The higher-grade Velar S R-Dynamic starts around $73,200, so that means you can get a Velar with options for less than the bottom price of the Audi.

The Audi's highest-grade Q8 is priced from $91,200, and the SQ8 soars to over $111,000, and even more with the RS Q8.

The 2021 Range Rover Velar covers the powertrain range 

Each Velar delivers excellent power and capability versus its competitor. The Velar S outputs 247 horsepower and 269 lb-ft of torque. The Velar R-Dynamic S sets the bar with the P340 engine at 335 horsepower and 354 lb-ft of torque. The top end of the Velar includes the P400 engine, a turbocharged V6 that outputs 395 horsepower. The standard Audi Q8 includes one engine offering--also a turbocharged V6, which produces 335 horsepower, but with less torque.

If you want to pay the SQ8's top price, you can have a 500 horsepower engine. A loaded Velar with its best engine starts at nearly $40,000 less.

Overall, the 2021 Range Rover Velar offers better style and more powertrains than the Audi Q8. Although the Velar starts at practically tens of thousands of dollars less, you will also discover it rivals and even surpasses the Q8 in many other categories.

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