How Often Should I Have My Land Rover Serviced?

June 07 2018, Land Rover Metro West

How Often Should I Have My Land Rover Serviced?

There are a lot of different statistics and figures you will hear about when is the optimal time to have your vehicle serviced. The best guide? Your Land Rover owner’s manual, which will clearly outline what services to get and when to schedule them. Not all drivers use their vehicles in the same way, though, and certain factors might lead to the need for more frequent service appointments. Get your Land Rover service in Toronto completed at Land Rover Metro West and speak to our trained technicians about your particular needs. From routine driving habits to specific concerns, we can help you create a customized maintenance plan to keep your ride in top condition.

Driving Factors that can Impact Your Land Rover Service Schedule

Here are a few things that you should consider when deciding when to have your new or used Land Rover in Toronto serviced:

  • Long Drives: If you cover big distances with your car on a regular basis, your vehicle will likely require more frequent attention than drivers who take shorter trips. Extended performance can cause wear on your vehicle, so maintenance should be a priority after your long trips.
  • City Driving: Toronto traffic is no joke. It also isn’t a laughing matter for your vehicle. Stop-and-go traffic that is typical for people who regularly drive in urban areas can accelerate how quickly your fluids and parts become worn out or damaged. If you log a lot of kilometres in metropolitan areas, increase the number of service appointments you book for your Land Rover.
  • Weather: Toronto faces scorching summers and frigid winters, and your fluids will feel every drop and rise in Celsius. If you spend a lot of time on the roads during the height of the seasonal highs and lows, it is a good idea to schedule an additional oil check. Periodic oil inspections are wise for every driver, but are especially important for those who are using their vehicles in extreme conditions.
  • Age: Buying a used Land Rover in Toronto is a great option for saving money and finding the perfect ride for your needs. Depending on the age of the vehicle, however, you may need to bring it in for more frequent maintenance services. Older cars may require more attention to extend their life, so don’t hesitate to ask your service provider about the number of appointments you make.

Contact our Toronto Land Rover dealership to schedule your vehicle service or inquire about the right maintenance schedule for your habits and vehicle. We have a big inventory of new and used Land Rovers and Range Rovers and a team of friendly and professional technicians who are familiar with the unique requirements for these vehicles. Whether you have driving habits that are rough on your ride or simply have questions about creating an optimal service schedule for your used Land Rover, our team can offer advice founded in deep knowledge and experience.

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